"iNHERiT THE WiND" ... http://bit.ly/HlRPT6 http://t.co/tf0oLlru "iNHERiT http://t.co/GVUdSGm5 THE http://t.co/OFW33yDV WiND" http://t.co/W3u2Wh7A SANFORD http://t.co/MAUpWxdJ Florida http://shar.es/pBHLf Tracy Martin had been looking for his son Trayvon http://bit.ly/HhqdDZ since the night before http://t.co/lsku6jaR He went to bed figuring the teen must have gone to the movies and http://t.co/uRh1dilK turned off his phone http://bit.ly/I366bQ When Trayvon still wasn't home in the morning http://t.co/hMefe5Ud Martin called the police http://t.co/W3u2Wh7A http://t.co/OFW33yDV http://shar.es/rnRp5 0BAMA http://shar.es/pMkYY iN http://shar.es/pURBd 2012 http://shar.es/pBHLf THE SUPER LYiNG BiGTiME EX-JUDGE iS DEFiNiTELY CALLiNG ALL THE SHOTS & http://shar.es/pUF17 HiS SUPER LYiNG FAMiLY AS THE DECiDiNG JURY http://shar.es/pRwf6 ALONG WiTH THE WOEFULLY CORRUPT iNEPT SANFORD POLiCE DEPARTMENT http://t.co/uRh1dilK AiDiNG iN THE CiTY'S DEEP RACiST COVER-UP OF http://t.co/OPqv8fJL 17 YEAR OLD TRAYVON MARTiN'S MURDER http://shar.es/pMkYY WiTH NO DEFiNiNG PEACEFUL END iN SiGHT... http://shar.es/pP4bZ "( i KNOW 1st HAND THE RACiST SANFORD POLiCE DEPARTMENT http://shar.es/rnRTf & CiTY COMMiSSiONERS http://goo.gl/Oi4S8 ...i AM FROM SANFORD, i WAS BORN & RAiSED iN SANFORD, FLORiDA & http://t.co/lsku6jaR MY EiGHTY EiGHT YEAR OLD MOM http://t.co/YJfrxCHK STiLL LiVES iN SANFORD! http://bit.ly/I3ikxK GOT DAMN RiTE, i'M GONNA FiTE http://shar.es/pMkYY BY ANY & ALL CAPABLE MEANS NECESSARY http://shar.es/pLb5F YOU GOT DAT SHiT ...MRjavinbur http://t.co/T2CQW8Lj DAV NAM '73 http://t.co/VCm7YhYW War Is Coming )" ...DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHiNG COMMUNiST REPUBLiCANS http://shar.es/pPdQH ALL HAVE COMMiTTED POLiTiCAL SUiCiDE4 2012-THE UNRE-ELECTABLE BiGTiME LAZY PATHETiC WHiNiNGASS http://shar.es/pPYSN LOSER CRYBABY DEMON JOHN http://shar.es/pPxct BOEHNER & THE UNMOTiVATED UNRE-ELECTABLE WELL KNOWN DASTARDLY WEAKMiNDED SORRYASS LOSER QUiTTER DEMON ERiC http://shar.es/pPwvZ CANTOR & THE OLD DUMBASS iT'S DEFiNiTELY TiME 2RETiRE DEMON LOSER MiTCH http://shar.es/pPwEo McCONNELL http://goo.gl/Oi4S8 "iNHERiT THE WiND" http://t.co/OFW33yDV YOU ARE MOST DEFiNiTELY GOiNG 2BOW DOWN - BELiEVE - YOUR OBSTRUCTiONiSM & DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHiNG FiNAL DAYS ARE MOST ASSUREDLY NUMBERED & FAST APPROACHiNG http://shar.es/pURBd iT iS PERMANENTLY ENGRAVED iN STONE http://t.co/3FS7G4Ya DAMN RiTE http://t.co/UqhMaWj4 PRESiDENT OBAMA A MAN OF ALL THE PEOPLE iN 2012 - GOT DAMN RiTE http://shar.es/pMkYY WE’RE GONNA FiTE http://shar.es/pP4bZ « « GEORGE » » http://shar.es/pS55h « « ZIMMERMAN » » http://shar.es/rnwYU 1950 RETREAT VIEW CIRCLE SANFORD, FL 32771 (407) 878-6007 His Lawyer # (407) 287-6238 & (407) 260-6853 ...Zimmerman's http://shar.es/rnxJq New Lawyer # 407-831-1956 http://t.co/VCm7YhYW War Is Coming http://t.co/MAUpWxdJ http://shar.es/pMkYY ...

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